jueves, 17 de enero de 2013


Founded in 1872 by Edouard Gros, the company specializes in the manufacture of original ornaments, hair accessories in vogue at the time. But with short hair fashion, the company has quickly challenge and decides to change industry: in 1930, she embarked on the manufacture of spectacles.

When 50 years later, Thierry Gros took over the management of the company, he wants to perpetuate the foremost research quality and modernity that the four generations before him were erected trademark of the company. It adds a personal touch by engaging in the creation of his own eyewear collection: thus Traction Productions was founded in 1989. Why this name? A reference to the "Traction Avenue" in Los Angeles, which intersect the most creative artists and the future big names in film production.

This collection, which marked a new page in the family history, quickly achieved success. It is now distributed in many opticians in France and abroad, and was rewarded for his creativity in France, Italy and the Nordic countries.


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